Equitable Career and Economic Development for All

With the Right Support,
No Worker Will Be Left Behind

At NWLB, we make it our mission to ensure technology is transforming workers by providing the Right Ecosystem, Knowledge Hubs and Policy Designs.

Our team is doing this by building programs and partnerships to support the various needs of professionals and keep them gainfully employed.

Program Executed
Professionals Impacted
  • Offer professional support to 170K workers globally through 2022
  • Ambitious goal - bring jobs and opportunities to 1M professionals by 2025
  • Dedicated think-tank to represent DEI related policy conversations on the global stage

Learning & Development Sessions

At NWLB we host targeted Learning & Development sessions/seminars together with our partners and community leaders, to help upskill workers and bring the best knowledge ecosystem to our communities.

Career & Networking Programs

Career events promote healthy, connected, and efficient hiring. Global networking events provide workers with a local ecosystem to help them in their pursuit of a successful career.
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Inspiring Greater Giving Across Sectors

It’s not a secret that to overcome the greatest humanitarian crises it takes more than one person. In fact it takes all of us to do it - corporations, nonprofits, foundations and individuals.

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Think Tank

Join us and prepare the professionals for the challenges of tomorrow

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