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About No Worker Left Behind

Our Mission: No Worker Left Behind

#NoWorkerLeftBehind is committed to supporting the development needs of workers and accelerating further their transition to a knowledge-based economy.
  • Awesome ImageBuild thought-leadership around worker issues
  • Awesome ImageProvide grass-root worker career support
  • Awesome ImageUpskill working communities to accelerate growth
NWLB is committed to its purpose to keep workers gainfully employed by co-creating strategic and sustainable solutions.

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Leaving No Worker Behind - Impact

Every Worker
Deserves a
Better Career

We take a multifaceted and holistic approach to provide workers with well-rounded support, guidance, and resources.
Workers Connected
Event Participation
  • Connect workers with recruiters & opportunities
  • Build career networks so workers can grow together
  • Identify sustainable solutions to worker issues
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Together We Prepare the Workers of Tomorrow

It’s not a secret that to overcome the greatest humanitarian crises, to grow in the age of technology and worker transition we need to unite our efforts. It truly takes all of us – corporations, nonprofits, organizations and individuals to stand together today so we can build the strong and resilient workforce of tomorrow.

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