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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are the issues addressed by NoWorkerLeftBehind not being solved by other nonprofits in the workspace?
    Technology is improving our lives. It has also been blamed for massive transformational chaos that requires pause and rethinking. Yet, there are currently no organisations focusing on the worker community as a whole and ensuring no worker is left behind, a true DEI program in the age of technology. Therefore, we felt it our calling to address this issue and give it a true voice to achieve tangible results.
  • How are you planning to achieve NoWorkerLeftBehind?
    Through high impact, low resource intensive programs that deliver career opportunities, professional networks, knowledge hubs, and policy level conversations that not only help workers get ahead but also ensures every worker counts. This translates into better productivity and success for organizations. So, a win-win for everyone.
  • What is the Community module of NoWorkerLeftBehind, and what is its Charter?
    The community module is designed and dedicated to our mission - no worker is left behind. Virtual micro-communities that can support everyday challenges are forged through specially designed workflows, so you or any worker are never alone or left behind. This workflow has proven to be highly impactful in creating a connected professional society that ensures connected growth happens.
  • What is The Knowledge Hub, and what is its Charter?
    In the information age, knowledge could come from anywhere. The Knowledge Hub module of NWLB ensures users are one, or at a maximum, two degrees away from their most pressing career challenge. This is a guarantee that workers are informed and equipped to tackle transformative challenges that exist in the workplace of today.
  • What is a Think-Tank, and why does it matter?
    Think-Tank is designed to provide 360 degrees of work preparedness to ensure no worker is left behind. Through our thin- tank, we generate thought leadership, spark policy-level conversations, and build advocacy groups to make sure every worker gets the right representation. Pitfalls could be swiftly identified so we can help produce organizational policy-level guidelines to serve as empowerment engines and provide a nurturing environment to workers of tomorrow.

Additional Questions

  • How do I become a member of NWLB?
    If you are fully behind our mission to ensure a truly DEI work society in the age of technological transformation you can join us as a sponsor, partner or volunteer member.
  • What would I gain from becoming a NWLB member?
    Besides taking a front-row seat in an organization that genuinely influences and impacts the future of work, you would gain enormously from our data-driven, high-impact, low-resource approach. It’s transformational for any organization and for all professionals aiming to learn the ways of the future. We would also give you access to the forward-thinking conversations to help build your professional, social, and economic credentials to support your growth journey.
  • Are you 501C3 and will I get tax exemptions for my contributions?
    We are 501C3, and if you want to get tax exemptions it depends on your case. Each program is designed for a specific task/mission of our growth goal. Not all the activities on all the programs would qualify for 501C3 exemptions. We will make sure to clarify this for each activity.
  • How do you handle refunds for events, programs, and classrooms I subscribe to?
    The refund policy for each program or event will be different. We will give access to the refund policy to all users on the project, programs, or event page.
  • How can I get in touch with you?
    The fastest way to contact us is via email to [email protected]. Please clearly describe your situation or context through the subject and body of the message, so we can address your query efficiently.
  • Can I open a local chapter of NWLB in my college, organization, university, company, community, etc.?
    We have been asked this many times. Therefore we’re already thinking in this direction and planning on having local career club chapters that are NWLB compliant, so we are eager to hear from you and see how we could partner up.