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About NoWorkerLeftBehind

Empowering Workers to Achieve Career Fulfillment

Everyone who is eager to work should have the resources and opportunities to take up meaningful employment. Unfortunately, many capable workers find numerous obstacles in their job search and career growth. At NWLB, we’re on a mission to remove these barriers and ensure everyone has an opportunity to achieve their career goal.
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Community Support
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Knowledge Hub
  • A career platform where workers can grow together
  • Access to new jobs and opportunities
  • Resources to support upskilling and development
We partner with other organizations, NPOs, NGOs and government organizations to advance our mission.

Support Others

Partner or volunteer today to support our mission and keep workers gainfully employed.

Share Your Experience

Break the isolation we all live in today by sharing your experiences and helping other workers.

Educate and Elevate

Join us on the upskilling journey to unlock potential and elevate communities!

In their own words

Upskilling is hard when you dont have a support network and you don't know what and how to do it. NWLB provides various resources to support your career journey.
Find Next Opportunity
Job Offers
  • Access to new jobs and opportunities
  • Support from other professionals for development
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Serving workers from 150+ Countries

Let us work together to make a difference

We are always looking for Volunteers, Supporters and Partners.
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Building a better life
with better ecosystem

We aim to keep workers gainfully employed. And, support their needs to find their next opportunity, next professional network and next development resource.
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Join our team and
prepare professionals for the challenges of tomorrow

Empower, Educate and Equip Every Worker